A person stands in front of a wall wearing black pants, a red long sleeve shirt, and over it long a navy blue shirt with artwork in the center depicting the heads of two shaggy brown cows with horns, wearing blue halters. On the right side of one cow is a viney wreath with small clusters of purple and blush flowers. White text around art reads “Common Ground Country Fair '' and  “Celebrate Rural Living with MOFGA”. A white MOFGA logo is in the bottom right corner.

2019 COWS - Nightshirt

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The 2019 Common Ground Country Fair nightshirt is made with 100% organic cotton and decorated with two beautiful Dexter heifers. 2019's nightshirt comes in one color (Bluestone) and one size (XXL). It is longer than a normal t-shirt and runs large to make it comfy for lounging.